Focus - Innovate - Grow
Jim Adams, our Managing Director, is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker and seminar leader. He has been engaging audiences throughout North America on a wide range of business-related issues. Click Here for a list of seminars he has delivered in the past. Working through Speakers Gold, here are a few of the Key Note speeches that he can deliver to your next event

The Next Big Thing: Zoom in on Emerging Trends
• Create an innovative route around stagnation
• Find overlooked markets right under your nose
• Boost your financials without losing your vision
• Turn potential projects into bite-sized pieces
• Forge a new direction for the future

Thinking Outside the Package: Innovative solutions for tomorrow’s market
• Drilling down into the real issues
• Keeping Goliath happy
• Find hidden opportunities
• Convert barriers to breakthroughs
• Gain a fresh perspective on your industry
• Put yourself back in the driver’s seat

Mining Golden Opportunities: Find opportunities that Others Overlook
• Drill down into the REAL issues facing mining
• Find new ways to drum up money
• Go beyond the gold to explore other options
• Rebound if catastrophe strikes
• Keep Goliath at bay
• Build value downstream
• Get the larger community onboard
• Find the opportunities in going green

Raising the Roof: Identifying and Sourcing Capital around the World
• Assessing your real need for Capital
• Assessing your company’s value
• Impressing potential investors
• Due Diligence: What you and they need to know
• The Five Major Types of Capital: Which is right for you?
• The Disappearing Dollar: Where has all the money gone?
• Signed, sealed and delivered: Finalizing the deal