Focus - Innovate - Grow
Multi-Location Strategies
Your company’s expansion might benefit from having local partners to provide hands-on direction for each local market through Franchising, Licensing or Joint Ventures

Determine the best way to expand your business using a franchising/ licensing/joint venture model and to develop an implementation plan

What we will do:
Review your business model and those of your key competitors. Using that intelligence we will review the best expansion model – franchising, licensing or Joint Venture including sources of income and barriers/benefits to each
model. From that we will develop a go forward plan that will launch you in the right direction.

What you walk away with:
1. Review of the business model options
2. Plan outline so you can move the plan forward
3. To Do list to address any barriers to the plan

Preparing for Capital
Your company is stuck in a rut because it doesn’t have the financial resources to grow. The banks aren’t interested and you’re not sure about venture capital or going public and you don’t want to give up control of your baby.

Develop a comprehensive strategy to provide the funds your company needs to flourish while keeping you firmly in control.

What we will do:
1. Review your business strategy
2. Look at the full range of financing options, their costs and implications
3. Develop a cash flow projection on when you need the capital
4. Create a term sheet for the potential investors
5. Create a to do list to help you to address any barriers to raising capital

What you walk away with:
1. Set of options on how you can finance your business in the best possible way to retain control.
2. Detailed To Do List
3. Exit Strategy for you and your investors

Creating New Markets
Your current market has flat lined or may even be in decline. The market might be saturated with competitors and it feels like the excitement, energy and growth potential are all gone.

Identify new markets for your existing product/service by identifying hidden niches in your existing geographic area
and look at new markets outside of your traditional space.

What we will do:
Closely examine what your existing offering is. This includes looking at what potential new uses could be by detailing what the product/service really is.

What you walk away with:

1. A set of new market opportunity options
2. SWOT on your product/services
3. To Do list to remove barriers to new markets
4. Opportunities to increase margins